STEM focus


Einstein Charter Schools are  STEM-focused schools. To us this means offering an engineering curriculum from kindergarten onwards. Robotics programming begins in middle school. At the high school we look to offer an innovative computer science curriculum and continued engineering education.

It also means having first rate, individualized math instruction that integrates as much technology as possible, including instructional software and iPads. We are extremely proud of the middle school students, whose 8th grade curriculum is geared to Algebra 1, a high school course.


blended-learningBlended Learning

Einstein Charter Schools celebrate how technology has changed our lives and for educators, improved instruction. We believe computerized means can produce the independent, creative and critical thinkers New Orleans needs.

Daily, we integrate technology and online learning into classroom instruction so that graduates are not only on the cusp of cutting edge tech skills but are prepared to be the next generation of creators and inventors who innovate the future of our digital world.


Student Engagement

The hallmark of an Einstein school is self-motivated students. We reach them as individuals, meet their needs and enable each to thrive. We produce intrinsically motivated students because we engage them in the classroom through individualized instruction.


Amplify Science Curriculum inspires students to read, write and argue like scientists to gain a better understanding of the world, as they gain the skills needed to master the Louisiana Student Standards for Science. Amplify Science is a robust, multimodal, hands-on program made to fulfill 100 percent of the Louisiana Student Standards for Science, as well as a substantial number of ELA and Math standards.


Eureka Math is a research-based progression of documents by the CCSSM writers, teachers, coaches, and mathematicians from the United States, that lay out the structure of mathematics by cognitive development and domain. Through its modules and lessons based on the LSSM, students practice major work and supporting work for each grade level while building  mathematical fluency. Students are also exposed to advanced skills that enable them to complete complex conceptual tasks. Eureka Math tells the unfolded story of mathematics as expressed by standards lesson by lesson, throughout each grade, and throughout the course of a student’s Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 career. This curriculum connects math to the real world in ways that take the fear out of math and builds student confidence and persistence in problem solving, and prepares students to understand advances in mathematics.


Great Minds Wit and Wisdom centers on the study of rich and engaging texts, curated to build student knowledge of important ideas in the liberal arts and the sciences. The approach is integrated and text-based: daily reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary study is based on—and draws on evidence from—exceptional texts. The Learnzillion Guidebooks foster the ability to read and comprehend literature, including stories, dramas, and poetry and write routinely for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes, and audiences. The curriculum that is grade appropriate content that covers the complexity of language and increases volume of reading.

The DBQ Project is an engaging and rigorous curriculum that will develop high-level critical thinking skills in students through historical inquiry and document analysis. The DBQ Project provides student access to primary and secondary sources allowing students to analyze trends within historical context. The Scope and Sequence provided by the LDOE provides a comprehensive, rigorous, and thematic curriculum that prepares students for LEAP 2025 by promoting critical thinking and analysis skills.


FEES: Einstein Charter does not charge fees for its academic program. It may assess fees for field trips and extracurricular programs on an as needed basis.

OPSB Special Education Program Description – Visit OPSB’s Exceptional Children’s Services page for updated information on Einstein Charter School program.

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