Current Events from 2nd Grade ESL – Ms. Strauss’ Class

DECEMBER 2016:  Students in Ms. Strauss’ 2nd grade ESL class worked on thank you letters to express their gratitude to recent donors who helped funds a classroom carpet.  The carpet, which features a map of the world, serves as a welcoming, comfortable spaced where ELL students can gather to learn.  It also helps build a sense of community, as students can get out of their chairs and come together to learn.  The students also love to use the carpet to show off the different areas of the world they have traveled and/or lived.

Back row (L to R):  Genesis Martinez, Tyler Nguyen, Ashley Hernandez, Ngan Vu, Joseline Falcon
Front row (L to R):  Joseph Tran, Thao Vy Nguyen, Jack Le
Thao Vy Nguyen, Tyler Nguyen
Ngan Vu (writing a letter to Ms. Strauss’ mom, who is one of the many donors that support her classroom)

DECEMBER 2016:  Students completed an engaging, hands on activity focused on homophones.  With a partner students worked together to read and match each homophone pair using the laces on the show.  Afterward, as a writing component, students chose the correct homophone to complete the various fill-in-the-blank sentences.  This kind of collaborative, multi-sensory learning is ideal for ELL students because it allows them to reinforce important English skills and encourages discussion.

From L to R:  Genesis Martinez, Tyler Nguyen, Ashley Hernandez, Ngan Vu
Thao Vy Nguyen, Joseph Tran
Ashley Hernandez, Ngan Vu
Genesis Martinez
Joselin Falcon, Joseph Tran