New Facility at Sherwood Forest

NB 1
The new building includes a front walk-up, dedicated carpool lanes on side and three floors.
NB 2
Students pass through new hallways each day.  Teachers used the tile lines as a guide for safe traffic through the halls.
NB 2b
Each classroom features a Promethean “smart-board” that allows teachers to integrate technology into the classroom.
NB 3
Teachers are free to layout their rooms and desks to their liking.
NB 4
Ready for performances the gymnasium includes a stage complete with audio/visual technology.
NB 5
The new gym includes custom floors, pull-out bleachers, scoreboard and audio technology.
NB 6
The cafeteria includes multiple table sizes and heights to accommodate the differences of our students.
NB 8
Dedicated outside area for student use incluidng fenced in playground and concrete space.  Einstein is currently looking for volunteer groups interested in building gazebos, picnic tables and shaded areas for students.

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