Career and Technical Education at Einstein Charter High

We envision Einstein Charter High will be the first high performing, high poverty high school in New Orleans East offering innovative Career and Technical Education (CTE) programing in additional to traditional college preparatory programming.  A recent GNO, Inc.  report’s recommendations posited that if New Orleans is to capitalize on our current business friendly positioning to become a commercial hub, the workforce needs skilled labor in biomedical, software, and machinery operation industries. Accordingly, our CTE program will address these needs and prepare students for local employment.

CTE WebEinstein pushes students to their maximum potential, and we acknowledge that everyone’s life path is different and respect the adage that college is not for everyone. Anecdotally, we find these life path decisions are often made by students for many reasons other than prior academic performance. Our CTE program builds on the LDOE Jumpstart initiative, President Obama’s vision for college and career readiness and success, and GNO Inc.’s identified workforce needs in our local community. Einstein is prepared to offer our high school students the ability to be competitive in college and in the workforce. To do so, we plan to teach students to be skilled in biomedical, software, and machinery operation industries. Every Einstein student will be ready to enter and lead the future of New Orleans.

Emeril Lagasse Foundation LogoCurrent CTE Programs

–     Culinary Arts

–     Digital Media

–     Project Lead The Way – Engineering

–     Business Computer Applications

–     Digital Photography

CTE Program News & Photos

Culinary Arts students study the composition of the egg before putting that knowledge to use applying different cooking methods.  Students Chanz Morris and Charles Douglas, led by Chef Weeks, prepared omelets, scrambled, poached and fried eggs.

DSC_0044   DSC_0066 DSC_0080 DSC_0089

DSC_0073 DSC_0053

Principles of Engineering

Students in Gregory Thompson’s Principles of Engineering class took to models to study mechanical advantage.  By experimenting with simple machines and gears, students learn to manipulate mechanical advantage, a concept that can be applied to construction and engineering projects.

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