Summit Learning Program

New Online Learning Platform “SUMMIT” Facilitates Personalized Learning

Einstein Charter Middle’s 120 seventh graders are fully immersed in the digital age as they start the 2017-2018 school year.

Each student, equipped with their school-provided computer, will complete their assignments in English, math, science, Spanish and social studies without using one piece of paper. Instead, their textbooks,  assignments, and tests are all online. As they interact with their classmates and teacher, they are able to apply their skills and pace of learning to an individualized program monitored by their classroom instructor.

ECM Summit 1It’s all made possible thanks to the introduction of an innovative California-based online learning platform called “SUMMIT.” Developed by teachers to facilitate personalized learning, the platform helps students connect their long-term goals to their daily actions and move at their own pace.


Summit Information for Parents & Students

Newsletter – September 2017