Students Learn About Mardi Gras Indian Culture

NEW ORLEANS - Big Chief Keitoe of the 9th Ward Seminole Indians recently made two visits to our schools to teach students about the history and culture of Mardi Gras Indians.

On Friday, February 9th Big Chief joined the Village de l’Est Elementary PreK and Kindergarten Mardi Gras parade, followed by a visit to Einstein Charter Middle/High.  Students were encouraged to follow the “second-line” to the gymnasium were a Mardi Gras celebration took place.  (more below photos)

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Big Chief Keitoe returned later in the month to teach Art students at Einstein Charter High how to complete traditional beadwork.  He was assisted by Roland Butler and Assistant Principal Nikkia Jones (who also happens to be his spouse.)

Big Chief Keitoe shared with students how he learned beadwork at a young age and has gotten stronger over years.  “As you do more (beadwork) you will teach yourself more tricks, this is very much a learning by doing art form.”


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Check out a video below of Big Chief Keitoe roaming the halls of Einstein Charter High.