Einstein Charter High Students Experiment in Engineering

EINSTEIN CHARTER HIGH – Students in Gregory Thompson’s Principles of Engineering class took to models to study mechanical advantage.  By experimenting with simple machines and gears, students learn to manipulate mechanical advantage, a concept that can be applied to construction and engineering projects.

Pre-engineering is one of the customized pathways to graduation offered at Einstein Charter High.  For more information on our CTE programs please visit http://www.einsteincharter.org/einstein-charter-high/career-and-technical-education/
ECH Engineering 11 – Einstein Charter High students Corey Larkins and Jimmy Lam adjust gear inputs on their construction model.
ECH Engineering 2
2 – Jorge Bonilla and Alexander Nguyen, Einstein Charter High students, discuss tactics to change the input or output of their construction model in Pre-Engineering class.
ECH Engineering 3
3 – Einstein Charter High teacher Gregory Thompson discusses gear ratios with Corey Larkins and Jimmy Lam.
ECH Engineering 4
4 – Jorge Bonilla adjusts the gears on his construction model during Pre-Engineering class at Einstein Charter High.