Students at Einstein Charter Middle Have a New Word for Webster’s Dictionary

NEW ORLEANS: Students in Mr. Lance Eden’s 6th grade Social Studies class had a problem, they could not agree on a word to represent the process they were feeling as they studied in virtual reality. Students were using virtual reality to immerse themselves in a place/time in history. As they went through the process of developing their expectation of what their experience would be they realized they were feeling a type of empathy that was not defined. While discussing in class two students shouted out the words empathetic and reality. That’s when 6th grader Beautifull Sellers wrote the two down together and combined them into empatheticality.

The students define their new word as “feeling another’s point of view or perspective in my own existence.” As the class continued to discuss they decided that empatheticality could be a noun, verb or adjective.   Each student could also interpret empatheticality based on his or her own existence.

Watch the video to learn more about the student’s process –

Mr. Lance Eden is a 6th grade Social Studies teacher at Einstein Charter Middle. Mr. Eden is also part of New Schools for New Orleans’ Personalized Learning Teaching Fellowship. The purpose of the PLTF is to create opportunities for a teachers from different schools to come together to share ideas, observations, tips and challenges related to integrating personalize learning in their classrooms. The Fellowship includes monthly professional development sessions, school observations (including a national trip) and a design project created by each individual participant.