Teachers and Staff Learn About Assistive Technology

JANUARY 2018:  Einstein Charter Schools teachers and staff recently participated in a professional development workshop on assistive technology, led by Louisiana Assistive Technology Initiative (LATI) presenters Sharon Edwards and Kristie Stapler.

“Assistive technology is a critical component to ensure our students have meaningful access to their education, which includes social, vocational, recreational and educational access,”  said Einstein’s Director of Special Education and Related services Donna Reno.

Assistive technology can be a device, item or service that is used to increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.  Assistive technology encompasses a broad range of devices and products from very simple (low tech) to very sophisticated (high tech).

“Einstein is committed to providing the appropriate services to each and every one of our students and are very excited about this professional development opportunity,”  continued Reno,  “we look forward in collaborating with LATI for the remainder of this school year and in the future.”

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