Einstein Family Association (EFA)

Einstein Charter Family Association

Who We Are:

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The Einstein Charter High Family Association is a group of parents, students, family members, school staff, and community members committed to the mission and vision of Einstein Charter Schools and the success of all students.

What we do:

The purpose of the Einstein Charter Family Association is to build community in our schools, to strengthen relationships, to support each other and our students positively, and to be:


  • Receive updates on our schools’ progress and
  • Know and understand what’s happening at your child’s school


  • Learn best practices for student success at home and school
  • Learn from guests speakers on a variety of education topics


  • We will ensure all members have a chance to participate
  • All participants will have a voice
  • Be involved in school events and volunteer

Who Should Join?

All are welcome!

Our schools will hold four quarterly meetings and other gatherings. Please check our website www.einsteincharter.org for more information. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Be an Active Part of the Einstein Family Today!

For more information contact your school’s front office.

Village de l’Est

5100 Cannes Street
New Orleans, LA 70129

Temporary location – 5316 Michoud Blvd. (Extension Campus), New Orleans, LA 70129

Einstein Charter School
Sherwood Forest

4801 Maid Marion Dr.
New Orleans, LA 70128

Einstein Charter Middle
Sarah Towles Reed

5316 Michoud Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70129

Einstein Charter High
Sarah Towles Reed

5316 Michoud Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70129