Staff Spotlight

Rachel Whitman, Talented in Theater

On Friday, May 12th Einstein Charter Middle and High's production of Sister Act was delayed due to a last minute schedule conflict.  Upon learning of this Rachel Whitman, who was attending the 2pm matinee with her Einstein Charter School Sherwood Forest (Elementary) Talented in Theater students, offered to help out.  Ms. Whitman, a talented actor herself, spent years working on stage and behind the scenes and inquired where she could be the best resource.  Director Ms. Idella Johnson was extremely grateful and had her assist (already trained) students with the sound/lighting boards.   Ms. Whitman spent most of the production coaching Brennan Stewart, who was assisting with the light board (rather than running herself.)  Ms. Whitman is a great example of the teamwork and "can-do" attitude of the Einstein family.  KUDOS! DSC_0005