The Einstein Way

Einstein students succeed!Einstein Charter Schools operates a group of consistently high-performing, open admissions schools vested in New Orleans East authorized by OPSB.  Einstein Charter Schools is designated a “HIGH-QUALITY CHARTER SCHOOL” operator by the United States Department of Education. Einstein Charter Schools received the 2015 COSEBOC School Award for Excellence and Leadership in Educating Boys of Color. Einstein Charter Schools has been repeatedly recognized by the Louisiana Department of Education as a “Top Gains” school and “High Performing, High Poverty School” and by the Orleans Parish School Board as a “Top Performing” school. Our student body’s diversity is unparalleled.  Fully one third of 1,400 (+) students receive English Language Learner services.  

Einstein firmly rejects the classification of any student as “at risk” and proves that all students can achieve, regardless of their background. Our educational model – founded in a commitment to data-driven differentiated instruction designed to push students to achieve their maximum potential – is bolstered with specialized knowledge in ELL instruction, an innovative blended learning design, a nurturing learning environment with PBIS, and abundant community support.

The Einstein Way means:

Outstanding exceptional-student services: we provide the best quality education for all students as an open-admissions public charter school. We offer extensive support for English Language Learners and students with special needs.

Data-driven instruction: Teachers at Einstein differentiate instruction to meet students where they are and provide for the most individual growth possible.

Departmentalized and interdisciplinary: Students have teachers with specific subject expertise, while also realizing that everything they are learning is interconnected.

2013-02-28 10.39.55STEM-focused: Einstein students explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to become the creators and innovators of the future. Einstein students have a 100% pass rate on the Algebra I end of course exam, and receive opportunities to tinker in robotics and computer science classes.

Personalized learning: Teachers leverage technology to create student-centric learning environments with adaptive online content and rich collaborative experiences.

Self-Directed Student Culture: Students at Einstein are our focus. We teach for them, and not for adults. Students are invited into a warm and welcoming culture of learning instead of a “no-excuses” disciplinary policy; we exclusively use PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support)!

Engaged parents: Our parents are the bedrock of Einstein. We ask that parents make sure their children arrive on-time, ready to learn, everyday. We have an active PTO at each school and numerous events throughout the year. Click here for more information about getting involved.