Einstein Schools hosted its monthly Culture, Instruction, & Professionalism Institute on Friday, October 18, 2019. CIP-I is a day dedicated to providing professional development training programs and resources to support staff members’ career goals as well as addressing organizational business needs. Each month, the organization’s Culture, Instruction, & Professionalism Institute offers growth sessions that supports the organization’s many diverse student population and key goals. This year’s theme is STRONGer Together. Each CIP-I session begins with a Breakfast for Champions and S.T.A.Y. (STRONG Teachers All Year) celebrations. The Culture Instruction, & Professionalism Institute was inspired by Michael McKenzie, Einstein’s CEO’s vision to ensure that all stakeholders receive consistent growth opportunities.

At this month’s Culture, Instruction, & Professionalism Institute, Einstein stakeholders will learn best practices in promoting equity and combating implicit bias. Additionally, sessions will focus on customer service, classroom management, best practice instructional techniques.

Einstein Schools was proud to allow DEE-1, a former middle school teacher turned hip-hop artist and motivational speaker, as the official keynote speaker for the Culture, Instruction, and Professionalism Institute. As a native of New Orleans, DEE-1 will be able to raise awareness and share knowledge about surviving in an urban environment. Showing teachers ways to keep their classrooms inclusive will also be presented.

CEO Michael McKenzie states that “We strive to ensure that our Culture Instruction, & Professionalism Institutes are a celebration of people and growth. We are trying really hard to ensure that we show our staff that their continued growth is our priority. I am proud of our Chief of Adult & Professional Development, J’Vann Martin for her hard work in orchestrating these monthly sessions.”

Students from Einstein Schools were out on Friday, October 18, 2019, and returned on Monday, October 21, 2019, to rejuvenated classrooms and inspired teachers committed to providing quality education in a safe, supportive, and STRONG learning environment.