Our Programs

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS)

Einstein uses Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) to encourage a safe school environment. Students do not learn best under “no excuse” discipline rules, so we use PBIS for constant messaging that students are safe, responsible, respectful, and ready to learn. Mentoring students works much better than suspending young learners! Our effective and regular positive interventions are bolstered with on-site school psychologists, inclusive multicultural programming, and universal ELL teaching strategies.

English Learner (EL)

Einstein Charter Schools is proud to house one of the most diverse student populations in Orleans parish.  Our educators and staff support all EL (English Learner) students with blended learning and personalized curriculum using programs including Imagine Learning – English. Einstein Charter Schools believe in equality and equity in education for all populations.  Staff utilize innovative techniques including: integrated instruction, progress monitoring, and an immersion model to ensure success for our EL students. Learn More >

The Einstein Way


Einstein uses data driven instruction to create a learning pathway for each individual student. Our students grow academically and personally because Einstein teachers monitor each one’s progress until mastery is achieved. We know that learning can only happen when schools focus on each child’s scholastic achievement in a nurturing environment that is safe, clean and respectful.


Our philosophy starts with success begets success. Students must be praised on a regular basis for their efforts big and small. We honor this commitment on a daily basis so that our students are engaged through positivity.   We also engage them according to their interest. As professional educators, it is our responsibility to identify the talents and gifts of our students and to leverage them as the basis for lessons.   We expect every student to experience success daily and to participate in our many extracurricular activities in the arts, athletics and science.


Parent Partnership is an important component. We invite our parents to communicate with the school regularly. We also encourage parents to participate in our school community through our Einstein Family Associations, events like “Muffins for Moms” and “Donuts for Dads,” or by taking full advantage of our principal’s open door policy. Please know that parents are always welcome and that we look forward to working with you.

Einstein’s cultural diversity is unparalleled in Louisiana. We provide an EL program whose expertise has not been surpassed. Across all campuses we maintain an active translation and interpretation department so that all parents, regardless of their English ability, can be involved in their child’s education.  Learn more about our EL program.

The Einstein Way Means:

Exceptional-Student Services

Providing the best quality education for all students as an open-admissions public charter school. We offer extensive services to exceptional students.

Data-Driven Instruction

Teachers at Einstein differentiate instruction to meet students where they are and provide for the most individual growth possible.

Departmentalized and Interdisciplinary

Students have teachers with specific subject expertise, while also realizing that everything they are learning is interconnected.


Einstein students explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They are innovators receiving opportunities for robotics and computer science.

Personalized Learning

Teachers leverage technology to create student-centric learning environments with adaptive online content and rich collaborative experiences.

Self-Directed Student Culture

Students are invited into a warm and welcoming culture of learning instead of a “no-excuses” disciplinary policy. We use PBIS.

Engaged Parents

We ask that parents make sure their children arrive on-time, ready to learn, every day. We encourage active parent participation at each school.