The Einstein Way is:

  • our intense focus on students’ social, emotional, and physical safety
  • our Mastery & Acceleration Tutorial Lab which aspires to provide individualized academic support while leveraging HipHop Based Education and ArtBased Education to influence Learner Agency
  • our STRONG PBIS Model aims to build lifelong learning habits
  • our Team Norms & Agreements that norm adult behavior
  • our sustainable, culturally relevant, and comprehensive investment in our monthly Culture, Instruction & Professionalism Institutes
  • our 15 Non-Negotiable Instructional strategies that all educators aspire to master
  • our frequent instructional observations, feedback, and growth cycles
  • our evidence-based and research-based approach to fiscal and human resource decisions
  • our efforts to celebrate the hard work of our team with Golden Hammers & Bricks
  • our focus on teacher retention through our STAY (STRONG Teachers All Year) efforts
  • our Parent University initiative that looks to reimagine parent engagement
  • our focus on Diversity Equity & Inclusion considering we serve the most diverse student body in New Orleans
  • our mission-aligned community engagement and partnerships that focus on developing the whole child
  • our intentional focus on positive RELATIONSHIPS and teaching with Love & Logic lens
  • our effort to give Einstein Learning Community stakeholders a voice
  • our vertically-aligned STEAM Einstein effort where the ‘Helper Principle’ drives high school students’ mentor elementary and middle-grade learners
  • our belief that sports, clubs, and community-based activities are crucial in Einstein’s youth development